Culturally this country has no parallel. For many centuries Bhutan was isolated from the rest of the world which inevitably lead to the development of its language, society and customs without external influence. The culture is based purely on Buddhist philosophy. It is neither borrowed nor made in recent years. The root of its existence is as old as the existence of the land and people themselves. Nowhere is this better witnessed than in the Tsechu rituals. The festivals serve as annual history and religious lessons for each successive generation, as well as great community enjoyment. Clothing The first thing visitors will notice (besides the magnificent scenery) is the clothes. In 1990 there was a royal decree that all Bhutanese must wear the national dress in public. For men that is a knee-length robe called the “gho” and for women the “kira” a long piece of fabric wrapped and pinned around the body. These garments are made of colorful, richly woven and sometimes embroidered fabrics which immediately catch your eye.