In Bhutan, the natural environment is the living place of gods and spirits and is revered by the people. The country has focused on care of the environment and sustainable development and tourism. For this reason the land is still nearly seventy five percent forested (Tree-huggers rejoice! It takes a permit to cut down ANY tree.), rivers and lakes are still pure, and endangered species (migrating from other places) are safe. Climate Bhutan’s climate is very favorable in that it is neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. Rhododendrons, mosses, lichen and other plants garland the countryside in summer. Winter has its own charm and beauty in pristine whiteness when life slows down. There are four distinct seasons and two are when most visitors choose to come. Spring showcases the valleys and mountain sides with shades of green and brilliant flowers, especially the more than 50 species of rhododendron in varieties or white, pink, rose and purple. In fall, the clear skies reveal spectacular views of the high Himalayas and the beautiful fall colors the lower mountains. You might find the rains of the summer and the winter cold a little uncomfortable for touring or trekking.