Many people choose to come to Bhutan to study plants, watch birds or look for sighting of exotic animals.. The well-cared for environment of Bhutan supports over 5,000 plant species, including the afore mentioned rhododendrons, 300 medicinal plants and 600 kinds of orchids. An abundance of bird life fills forests and fields. Six hundred and seventy five different species have been identified (more than anywhere else on earth) and that list is growing as more and more birders come to Bhutan. The most well-publicized birds are black-necked cranes that winter in Bhutan, other rarer recorded sightings are of the white-bellied heron, Blyth’s tragopan and more common hoopoes, cuckoos, warblers, horn- bills and sun-birds. In the Bhutanese animal kingdom there are 165 species. The strange looking Takin (somewhat like the American moose) is the national animal. Other creatures you may find are monkeys, elephants, snow leopards, tigers, rhinos, Himalayan brown bears, red pandas, wild pigs, blue sheep, mountain goats, antelope, golden langurs, wild buffalo and Himalayan martins.